Temporary Fencing Accessories

Fencing Accessories from Binley Fencing

Accessories we supply

  • Bracing Supports
  • The support stay is attached to the temporary fencing and weighted by three plastic concrete filled feet. Bracing is required for stability in high wind areas and when shade cloth is installed.

    Bracing is attached for additional structural support against wind. Used when mesh panels are covered in shade cloth or scrim for wind resistance

  • Shade Cloth
  • The installation of shade cloth to the temporary fencing can provide privacy for sites and can provide dust control on construction sites.

    Shade cloth is used to minimize dust and debris blowing off the site and work as a privacy screen.

    Printed shade cloth is also available with your company branding or to highlight your event.

  • Dog Bars
  • The addition of dog bars to the base of the fence panels prevents animals and objects from passing underneath the temporary fencing.

    Dog proofing has many other advantages than just keeping pesky hounds from accessing your site. The gap between the bottom of the fence and the fence panel can often be utilised for people accessing your site or gaining free entry into an event.

  • Pedestrian Gates
  • The one metre wide pedestrian gate provides pedestrian access to your site. Pedestrian gates allow access to your site within the protective fencing, it can be an ideal place to have security checks, ticket collection, VIP entrance etc.

  • Hand Rails
  • The installation of hand rails reduces the risk of pedestrians tripping on the protruding feet of the temporary fencing.

    Often temporary fencing is located in rural areas, building sites, outdoor festivals etc. Obviously these type of venues are either quite dangerous or have unstable terrain. Hand Rails will give added guidance and assistance to prevent people from tripping on fencing accessories or unstable ground.

    If you are looking for accessories for temporary fencing then Binley Fencing has everything you could need.

    For the best prices and service contact our friendly team today on 0425 168 555 or use our contact form.

    Fencing Accessories from Binley Fencing
    Fencing Accessories from Binley Fencing
    Fencing Accessories from Binley Fencing
    Fencing Accessories from Binley Fencing